Easiest Ways To Train Your Puppy

If you want to have puppies at home, you must bear in mind that puppies necessitate a lot of time and attention. Therefore there is a need of being patient, watchful, and reliable. Through these virtues you can reduce house training time and emphasize positive behaviors that will reduce accidents in the house.



1. Keeping a schedule is necessary. There is a need for consistency in training because this leads to faster results. With a recognized routine, your puppy would learn when it is time to play and eat and when it is time to potty.


2. It is better to walk the puppy out every two hours, especially after waking up, eating and drinking. Using a leash can really be of help as you take the puppy to the same spot outdoors each time you take it out.


3. Rewarding the puppy for eliminating outdoors is a good idea. It is also better that you would praise the puppy each time it finishes or give it a treat after doing a good deed. Positive reinforcement is important –that this teaches the puppy what is expected of it.


4. You have to manage and supervise the puppy at all times. If the puppy eliminates too frequently in the house, it will be confused about the place where it is supposed to eliminate and surely training your up will take longer.


5. If you can not watch your puppy at all times, put it to an area small enough that it will not want to poop or pee there. The area should be big sufficient for the puppy to contentedly stand, sit down, lie down and turn around in.


It is better that you also accept that your puppy will make some accidents in the house. This is a normal part of house training. If you find a dirty area, do not castigate the puppy. Punishment often does more destruction than good. Instead, make sure to clean the area so the puppy will not be tempted to get rid of there again.